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Cia/Moon paper The Washing Times attacks Galloway

Maybe because the owner was 'coronated' on Coleman's Capitol Hill?*

by Henk Ruyssenaars

2005 - October 31st - Former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz absolutely denies telling US Senator Coleman and/or his neocon investigators that UK MP Galloway profited from any Iraqi oil deals, Aziz's lawyer has said. Coleman claims that the by him still used - but earlier shown to be forged evidence: ''is clear and extensive.''

Senator Norm Coleman, the Bush wars fomenting Republican with his double nationality, who was publicly humiliated when English MP George Galloway gave him on TV* a very much needed verbal dressing down before his own US Senate committee last May, this 'teflon senator' expresses the same views as published today by the CIA/Moon sheet 'The Washington Times'. Maybe because the owner, the by the CIA favored Reverend Sun Myung Moon, former felon, secret services collaborator/informer and current owner of 'The Washington Times', was 'coronated' on Capitol Hill?


Which by some is called 'Coronation Hill' since the Rev. Sun Myung Moon was crowned on Capitol Hill in Washington: 'coronated' in the Dirksen Senate Office Building earlier this year in the presence of several US and other politicians, senators, lawmakers etc. An event showing the state of mind of the creatures involved, and which was ''very underreported'' one may say. - Url.:

In another one of those despicable pieces of disinformation, today's 'editorial' called "$addam and hi$ enabler$" - the CIA/Moon rag writes: "Much of the information comes from former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, who used promises of lucrative oil contracts to win international backing for a soft stance against the Ba'athist regime." [Washington Times - Url.:]

Refuting all those false and framing statements in an item by 'information agency' REUTERS, former minister Tareq Aziz denies that he concerning this ever accused Galloway, as Coleman keeps saying. According to the UK's paper 'The Telegraph', Coleman claims that the evidence is "so clear and so extensive" that, "I am fairly confident Mr. Galloway will be brought to justice" - and that this would be the "final nail in the coffin".


War criminal George Bush and 'Phony Tony' Blair supporter 'Lord' Konrad Black* is not just another multi-million neocon swindler: the ownership of - among many other media outlets - 'The Telegraph' in London, among the largest English language disinformation papers, and the likewise disinforming pro-Sharon rag 'The Jerusalem Post' gave him his fake grandiloquent stature.

'Canadian' billionaire Conrad Black - a.k.a. 'Konrad Schwartz' via his double nationality - is a very good friend of the 'Pol Pots' of our time, like Bush, Blair, Berlusconi (It.), Balkenende (NL) Kissinger and the other criminal cabal collaborators. [BBC: UN's Kofi Annan - Text + Video: 'The war in Iraq is illegal' - Url.:]

Black's 'chutzpah' disappeared when he was asked to appear in front of the US Securities and Exchange Commission to answer questions over millions of dollars in illegal payments to him and other directors, a siphoning off of millions that was not approved nor known by his company's board. The scandal caused 'Lord' Black to step down as chief executive of the newspaper publisher, Hollinger International as the Guardian wrote. But behind the scene Black still plays an important role in their 'war game'. - Url.:

UK MP George Galloway may - like most politicians - not be 'the best child on the block' himself, but he is a loud voice in the rapidly growing global choir opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and like all critics he's fiercely attacked. Norm Coleman's 'frame up' is too false and simpleminded as many international observers say: Aziz is in a US jail and with some of the usual torture - as used by the US. UK etc. - he can be made to say anything. But in the capital of neighboring Jordan Aziz's laywer offered some other facts.


In the Reuters article quoted below, the following was published: "Aziz denies naming British MP in UN oil probe - lawyer" - Reuters - 29 Oct. 2005 - AMMAN - Former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz has denied telling investigators that a maverick British lawmaker personally profited from the U.N. oil-for-food program for Iraq, Aziz's lawyer said on Saturday.

U.S. congressional investigators said this week they had evidence that George Galloway had profited from the defunct U.N. program created to protect Iraqis from the harsh effects of sanctions against their government.

The report said Aziz, under questioning by the subcommittee, said he had discussed oil allocations with Galloway and confirmed a letter in which the British member of parliament requested a bigger oil allocation.


"It is part of a media campaign aimed at smearing Galloway's reputation," said the lawyer, who last saw Aziz on Tuesday. [end quote]

Galloway has also strongly rejected the latest U.S. accusations that he profited from the oil-for-food program.

You can read the rest here at Reuters News Service on ABC News - Url.:


Among the best one could see on TV this year concerning the illegal war in Iraq and the framing attack by Coleman/Kohlmann: Galloway swept the Senate floor with him - Video: Galloway takes on US oil accusers - Url.: - or choose format via Google - Url.:

Rev. Sun Myung Moon was 'coronated' in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in the presence of several US and other politicians, senators, lawmakers etc. an event which was ''very underreported'' one may say. - Url.:

* 'The war in Iraq is illegal' - BBC: video & text-interview of the United Nation's Secretary General Kofi Annan - Url.:

* MSNBC - Poll: Ninety-four (94) percent believes that George Bush and the neocon media mislead the nation to go to war with Iraq - Url.:

* ''The Lancet'' and the ''Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health'' report: ''Over 100.000 killed in the illegal Iraq war''-Url.:

* Bush interview. ABC: No WMD's but many killed: "It was worth it" - Url.:

* Former Secr. of State Madeleine Albright in her comment on half a million dead children in Iraq: "We think it's worth it" On CBS 60' Minutes - Url.:

* Colin Powell: 'It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the state of Israel' - Url.:

* American car magnate Henry Ford investigated 85 years ago the global problem - Url.:

* Help all the troops of whatever nationality to come back from abroad! We need them badly at home in many countries - AND WITH ALL THEIR WEAPONS, WHICH WE PAID FOR BY TAXES - to fight with us against our so called 'governments' and their malignant managers - Url.:

* The World Can't Wait! - Drive out the neocons and their 'Bush Regime' - Mobilize for November 2, 2005! - Url.:

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