Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Political murder? Secret service critic gunned down

Political murder? Secret service critic gunned down;article=96059;title=APFN

Political murder? Secret service critic gunned down

In an article published two weeks ago Seveke - as a life long fighter against crime at the top and 'false flag' operations by special killing squads wrote: "If the government orchestrates terror, it should be more open about it."

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - Nijmegen - Nov. 16th 2005 - Last night Louis Seveke, 41, a very well known political activist and secret service watcher, was killed with two shots in the center of the city of Nijmegen, in the eastern part of The Netherlands. ''Indications are that this is a political murder" journalist Gerard Legebeke said, interviewed on Dutch national radio early this morning. Legebeke is an investigating journalist of renown who lives in Nijmegen, and has known the killed political activist for years.

The question 'Who profits?' - until further information is available - again only points in one direction: the specialists with a license to kill.* The police spokeswoman confirmed his death and said "technical investigation is still going on". Louis Seveke during the past twenty years had become the nightmare of illegal police, secret services and many covert neocon government activities.

Seveke juridically also specialized in the growing 'false flag' behavior of the super secret groups in Holland's shady services world which is helping to orchestrate the US-made 'War of Terror'. Those by the taxpayers paid 'spooks' are not defending the human rights of the 16 million Dutch, but only the profitability of the economical system and the Dutch government's place as #5 on the list of richest countries, and #6 as the world weapons exporter. Legal and illegal.*


There are a couple of possible motives for this murder. In an article* published two weeks ago in the dutch neocon's flagship, the information paper NRC Handelsblad, Seveke as a fighter against crime at the top and 'false flag' operations by special squads wrote:


Among many examples, he wrote critically about the dutch secret service AIVD - (Algemene Inlichtingen en Veiligheids Dienst) - which apparently ran it's own fake 'al Qaida terror group' named Hofstadgroep. "That is their normal way of working", Seveke wrote in his last NRC article.

One of the AIVD's 'moles' is Ali B. in this 'moslem militant's group' - an agent provocateur who - according to Seveke and dutch TV Netwerk: "Supplied handgranates to 'a very dangerous group': handgranates he covertly had received from an agent of the secret service AIVD". The same handgranates wounded police officers later on when they stormed the safe house after the usual 'water damage'-tip of 'unknown'. To restore Ali B.'s 'cover' - and in a very unintelligent way trying still to bolster Ali B.'s status as 'terrorist' - the same AIVD agents a couple of days ago 'arrested' the man fast, when too many of those facts became known.

Seveke - among many other activities - was the juridical adviser of a very active group of people - which are critical towards the society and city they live in - occupying a large house called 'The Orphanage' in the historical center of the city of Nijmegen, claiming to be the oldest city in The Netherlands. 'We are working day and night to save the city from 'greedy developers' the group says. But last 30 October a local judge ordered the group out by November 30th. Otherwise the police would make them go since the people in power have decided to 'reconstruct the area' in a for them profitable way. Seveke as juridical advisor was a big 'stumbling block' which now is gone. When money millions are involved, people do not count in Holland either.

The gunning down of Louis Seveke looks like a case symptomatic of the fear of attacks on the profitable system which the managers of The Netherlands run, and why probably also politician and new prime minister of The Netherlands - professor Pim Fortuyn was killed. []


Some people in the Netherlands from the multinational's 'security services' , civil and military intelligence services, plus legal and illegal secret services and covert security firms, claim and use a 'License to Kill'.* They are known by some as 'Health Altering Groups': corporate warriors and other mercenaries which can alter a disliked persons point of view within seconds. People must either agree or see an undertaker to be buried.

A Dutch marine - who was in court in the Netherlands for shooting an Iraqi man in the back when he ran away - showed to be one of those with 'A License to Kill'. 'Expatica', one of the 'expat' web sites for people living abroad*. published an item on the suspect "Dutch marine given license to kill' - last June 15th, reporting that 'Investigations into dutch marine Erik O. who was accused of murdering an Iraqi looter in December: "have revealed he was previously involved in top secret 'license to kill' missions . As a member of the Special Support Unit (BBE) of the Royal Marines, O. was involved in anti-terrorism operations which carried government approval to use violence that might result in fatalities."

Nobody expects any honest information from the investigation by the police in Nijmegen into the killing of one of their worst critics. One wonders why often the same people - who with good reason are suspected of having committed the crime - also decide who will investigate their crimes. Like in the US and many other countries, none of the major political murders in the country has ever really been solved.

In The Netherlands - managed by the same group as most - it's the same, and that's what Seveke wanted to change.

After the different pasings awat of most critical journalists in The Netherlands, only a handfull is left which does not bode well for some form of democracy in the country.

Seveke with his knowledge will be sorely missed, as the many people at his funeral will wittness.

Killing him looks like one of the last nails in 'the coffin of free thinking' in Holland.



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Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

* Help all the troops - of whatever nationality - to come back from abroad! We need them badly at home in many countries - AND WITH ALL THEIR WEAPONS, WHICH WE PAID FOR BY TAXES - to fight with us against our so called 'governments' and their malignant managers - Url.:

FPF-COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information. Url.:



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Blogger Wil Palen said...

The dutch mainstream media's only scenario they can think of is 'war between the left and the right' and that its roots are in the Pim Fortuyn murder, for which the 'leftists' were collectively blamed.

2:24 AM  
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The question 'Who profits?' - until further information is available dominical costa rica tours- again only points in one direction: the specialists with a license to kill.* A Nijmegen police spokeswoman only wanted to confirm Seveke's death and said "technical investigation is still going on". Louis Seveke during the past twenty years had become the nightmare of illegal police, secret services and many covert neocon government activities.

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